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Thank Your Cleaner Day – 19th October 2022

For the third year running we are proud to show our support and appreciation for the work of our cleaning team by recognising them and their work and gifting them a box of chocolates.

Thank Your Cleaner Day™ is an annual event that recognises the hard work of cleaners throughout the UK and lets them know how much they are valued and appreciated. At The Lanes Shopping Centre, we believe that it is important to acknowledge everyone in the team – everyone is an individual and has a role to play. That is why we have chosen to extend our thanks by including our security team this year, in recognition of the support they regularly give to the cleaning team by helping them with various cleaning tasks,

The Centre Management Team are all extremely proud of the work delivered by the team and their continued dedication, which is highlighted in their comments below:

“The Lanes cleaning team is our army, our heroes, they always ready for anything that gets thrown their way, and deliver it with the highest standards, without you, would’ve been a lost battle, Thank you.”
Tiago Leao, Contract Manager

“The cleaning standards are exemplar and meticulously maintained year on year. I would like to personally thank the team for delivering such high standards that are often commented on and recognised by our customers and retailers alike. Well done to you all and thanks again for your continued support.”
Mark Nott, Centre Manager

“I would like to express my thanks once again for the continued support, energy, and commitment that we have received from the cleaning team over the past 12 months, they are regularly called upon to support the centre and our tenants and will always go the extra mile, another fantastic year well done to you all.”
Ian Proudfoot, Operations Manager