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Presenter-turned-designer Emma Willis is back with her sixth fashion collection with Next. Freshen up your wardrobe with over 50 colourful pieces, including flowing beach dresses, swimwear, casual suits and (for the first time) shoes. The Emma Willis Collection launches online on the 27th February – perfect for updating your wardrobe from spring into summer and packed with stylish holiday essentials.


From designing lingerie to delivering babies, Emma is unafraid to journey out her comfort zone. Though she tends to shy away from colour, the approach of the warmer months has seen Emma growing more adventurous.

“In the winter it’s navy, black, cream, white – simple colours – and then summer comes, and I’m a different human. Bright colours, patterns… as the years tick by I’m embracing much more.”

The 2020 spring range introduces striking pops of red, blue, black and white. Emma has also embraced pattern, venturing into bold leopard print, polka dot and check prints along with colourful, Eastern-influenced designs. With this collection, Emma is all about stepping into spring with a new attitude.

“Embrace colour, have fun creating your own patterns – I mean that is a whole different ball game. Go out your comfort zone a little bit, try different shapes and new styles that you wouldn’t necessarily go for.”


This collection features a stunning range of jumpsuits and dresses – from floaty boho-chic to a more tailored smart-casual. All the pieces are perfect for a family holiday, work or social event, though Emma admits the dresses are her favourite pieces in this collection.

“I would say my favourite pieces in this collection are surprisingly all the dresses. I honestly think we’ve nailed it. They’re really easy to wear, really versatile, you can wear them to work or out to drinks, they cover up in all the right places. I am for the first time in my life saying that dresses are my favourite bit.”

Emma’s latest addition to the range, shoes, incorporate comfort with simple, flattering styles – ideal for the office, drinks with friends, or a walk along the beach.

“With sandals, I like something that’s super simple and flattering on the legs. I tend to wear flats more in the summer, I have got something that I’m gonna give a bit of extra welly to, I’ll chuck on a heel.”


Despite admitting in a previous interview that she would likely “combust” if she were to pursue this career full-time, Emma has developed in confidence as a designer. Reflecting on her career and personal life, there are a lot of things she’s learned through experience.

“You give yourself different advice at different ages…In your 20s you’re a bit more mature and you learn different things, you probably listen to different advice… if I gave myself other advice that changed me I don’t know if I’d end up being the person I am today – and I’m quite happy in myself today.”

Emma Willis has proved that as a career-woman the best thing you can do is test yourself and learn new things. However, the mum-of-three also has values she wants her children to carry.

“I would like them to know their worth. I want them to be strong in body and mind but also kind and compassionate and caring – I suppose all the things I feel I got from my mum, I hope that they will have got from me and from my mum.”

This spring, Emma Willis introduces her sixth collection with comfortable, relaxed pieces from sizes 6 – 22 that inspire a sense of freedom as the weather gets milder. The Emma Willis Collection is the perfect compromise between work and leisure-wear and is available online on February 27th and in stores from the 10th March.

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